My travels around

During the years I have been visiting many places, but a lot of places still wait for me. .

Some of my favorite places where I’ve already been include:

  • For real relaxation my top favourite by far is Mauritius, where the lagoon is excellent for swimming and snorkeling, food is probably better than anywhere, there are a lot of shopping opportunities and the whole island is lush and green the year around.
  • Maldives is almost on par with Mauritius for real relaxation although being fairly expensive. Probably the best individual beach strips just for you, excellent possibilities to experience sea life, but almost non-existing shopping possibilitis. Just for you and your loved one!
  • Next best for relaxation amongst my visits are Australian Queensland, and there especially Thala Beach Lodge and of course The Great Barrier Reef. Fiji is for vacationing on par with Queensland, but without any real shopping possibilities – and a lot of Aussies 🙂
  • I also like Southern Goa in India a lot; the very quite beach continues for 30 kilometres, but you have to accept the cows and occasional bumsters on the beach.
  • When it comes to sights and friendly people Kambodza and Angkor Wat area in its Northern parts close to Siem Reap is amazing. Very different is the peaceful and buddist Luang Prapang in Laos – amazing scenery with unhurried and friendly people. Take an opportunity to be in town around six in the morning when the monks come for their breakfast alms!
  • Much to remember left a two week car trip in 1995 with my son in California and Nevada. Big Sur and Yosemite in in California are absolutely corgeous, Death Vally with its surrounding mountains impressive and Las Vegas a must see where you can enjoy yourself easily for a week. And you shouldn’t of course forget “the must see” Grand Canyon.
  • An excellent tourist destination is Peru with its beautiful Andes mountains, beautiful beaches, very good food, the breathtaking Machu Picchu and an exiting flight over the mysterious Nasca lines in the desert.
  • After Helsinki my number one city in Europe and probably in the world is Paris, where I last visited in December 2004. It was an experience to skate in the first level of Tour Eiffel – and Moulin Rouge or Lido probably amaze anyone. But if I want entertainment, London is the city to go especially due to its huge variety of musicals available. Flea markets in London are also worth to see. And of course Sydney is a world class city for all kind of activies, very much like New York but much greener.
  • So far my favorite European place for a Summer holiday is Dubrovnik with its beautiful Old Town and Adriatic Sea. From there you can easily drop by Bosnia-Herzegovina or Montenegro. Of course Mallorca and Crete are very nice places for a beach holiday.

I have placed some of my travel photos in Vesa’s Photo Gallery, have a look!