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I’ve written short “traveller’s pages” in Finnish from several countries among the totally 50 + I’ve visited. These are my personal views and try not to compete with Lonely Planet guides or Wikitravel.

Hopefully there will be more time to write more of these, as well as translate them into English. Meanwhile, please use Google translation 🙂 And please, send comments!

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is about mountains

andorra-on-upea-paikka_1 Andorra is a nice small mountain country on the boarder of Spain and France. You can easily go there with a bus from Barcelona as I have done – at the same time you will see the beautiful Catalonia.


is relaxed

AUS-Sydneyn tunnusmerkit_1 The travel time to Australia is long but a visit is well worth it. People are everywhere very nice with travellers and the nature is really unique. I’ve been there twice and most probably will go again.


IV-Fiss-in-Inntal Austria is a really comfortable and versatile holiday destination, both in Summer and Winter: alpine skiing, gorgeous nature, nice people, beautiful music and great white wines.


BOS-Mostarin silta kaksi viikkoa ennen avajaisia_1 Bosnia-Hertsegovina is probably one of the most challenging independent countries of former Yugoslavia. A trip there reminds you of the cruelties just a short time and distance away, like the picture here about reconstructed Mostar Bridge waiting to be opened again after war.


is developing

kam-angkor-wat-2001 Cambodia is known of its great Angkor Wat area, but also of the cruelty of the red khmer in 1970’s. A poor but rising country really worth exploring! My Plan goddaughter is there and was to see her late 2007.


kan-montreal World’s second largest land area of Canada offers a lot of great possibilities for nature lovers and a lots of nice multicultural people.


kii-kavin-kiinan-muurilla_1 China is a vast country in all measures: huge amounts of people, fast rising economy and a very long history. This Great Wall photo is shot a small distance from Bejing on a trip also covering Shanghai. Late 2011 I’m going to Hong Kong and Macau to see more.
Splendid for holidays:


kro-dubrovnikikin-rantamaisemia_1 Croatia suprised me as a splendid holiday target: beautiful Adriatic Sea with more than a thousand islands, fine old mediterranian towns and especially old Dubrovnik offer an excellent setting for a holiday. And you can easily have a trip to neighbouring countries Bosnia-Hertsegovina or Montenegro (which I have not yet visited).


lives music

KUU-Havannan keskustorilta_1 Cuba is an enchanting combination of visible revolution, old American cars, all kinds of people and most of all live Cuban music you hear everywhere. This photo is from my only trip in Havanna 2006.


Rocky cost of Cyprus Cyrpus is an island divided into two: South-Western part based on Greek population is much more common as a travel destination than the North-Eastern Turkish part of the island. My visit to Republic of Cyprus was interesting, and the Sun shines there almost all time. You can also easily arrange a day trip to Cairo, Egypt from there.
Get surprised in


dub-abraliikennetta-dubainlahdella_1 Dubai has fast grown into a modern metropolis that aims as an important tourist destination. Shortly described it is a mixture of traditional arab world, islam, ultramodernism and pompous constructions! The photo here shows Dubai Creek, along whose shores you see the original Dubai.
A day trip to


EG-Kheopsin pyramidi ja talot_1 The historic sights of Egypt have made is a popular tourist destination and you can easily make a day trip  to Cairo from Cyprus like I did, including the Great Pyramids, Museum of Egypt and a Nile cruise with belly dancing.



FID-Auringonlasku laguunissa_1 Fiji is a nice place to have your holiday where you can find “your own island” among the 300 islands – or an international resort with its own golf courses and tennis courts. On large resorts you will meet a lot of Aussies.
“Friends” in

The Gambia

GAM-Gambialaista arkea_1 The Gambia is a small and quite green country in Western Africa along the river with the same name. You can easily find a package trip there. But for my liking there are far too many “friends” whose only purpose is to swindle money from you.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Germany was a great, versatile travel country already before east and west merged, and it still is. You can find a great number of interesting big cities like Berlin or Munich plus numerous enchanting small towns and versatile countryside varying from plains to Alps.

Great Britain

BR-Picadilly Circus 1976 Great Britain is an easy destination for most Finns: travel time there is fairly short, almost all Finns speak English and GB has a lot to offer. I’ve mostly visited London and its surroundins like Cambridge and Windsor, but the last trip was to Edingburgh.

Greece: Crete

KR-Elafonissin kahluusaaret_1 Crete is the largest of Greece’s islands and as a holiday target extremely versatile: a lot of mountains, beaches, very good food and historic remnants of Europe’s oldest highly developed culture.


has many faces

INT-Kettuvellumissa Kerala Backwatersissa_1 India is one of the most versatile countries: all kinds of terrains, religions, vast cities, wealth, poverty, official languages, splendour, dirt … you name it. People tend to love or hate India. Ive been there in Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu – going to Agra and Varanasi some day.


and Dublin

IR-Guinnessin panimolla pakolliset_1 Ireland is a popular green island where the climate is subtle – never really warm or cold. I’ve only visited Dublin a few times.


IT-Kondoli_1 One of Finns’ – and my – favourite destionations is Italy. A lot to see, buy and the food is absolutely excellent. I have made several visits and never dissapointed: Arma di Taggia, Chianti vinyards, Florence, Lakes Maggiore & Garda, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Verona (opera!), Tivoli, Ventimiglia…


LAO-Munkit temppelialueella Luang Prapangissa_1 Lao people and the the nature of Laos are beautiful. This charming country is fundamentally a people’s republic – going for market economy. Deep buddhism affect its people and brings amazing temples. See more pictures with English cations here.


mal-twin-towers-night-lights Malaysia is a tropical federated country with muslim majority, but where people of Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures and different religions live piecefully together. A fine country for travellers!


MLT-Vallettassakin on pari puuta_1 The small island state of Malta is a nice and distinctive holiday destination: sunshine, Mediterranean Sea to swim and dive, a long and interesting history, and a lot of places to have fun. Everything works in English and all Finns welcome their euro currency.

The Netherlands

AL-Taloja Amsterdamin keskustassa_1 The Netherlands or Holland as it is often called is a very nice travel destination: Amsterdam is an open-minded and cheerful city, but other good places to visit are as for example Edam, Eindhoven, Utrecht or Zaandam.


– we all know

ESP-Barcelona_1 I must confess not to have traveled a lot around the fine country of Spain, just Barcelona, Canary Islands and Mallorca, but regarless – Spain is still one of our favourite tourist destinations.

United States:


USA-San Franciscon keskustaa Coit Towerista katsottuna_1 I’ve visited the United States several times in fairly many regions. Regardless of some “Americanisms” the country is fabulous travel destination where you can find pretty much everything: beautiful nature, versatile culture, all kinds of people, and about anything to buy.