Panorama photos from my Asian Tour in December 2011

Macau - central panoramaMy winterly Summer holiday trip directed this Winter into Asia, where the main target was Malaysia and its Capital city Kuala Lumpur where my daugther lived. These shots cover most of the trip as panoramas with English texts. Other photos from different stops of the trip are commented only in Finnish. This trip started in Macau with the above picture showing the central areas of the city. Next we took a ferry to Hong Kong across Pearl River and flew from there to Kuala Lumpur. Besides KL we also visited Pangkor Laut and Penang Island which are covered here as panoramas. There is also a gallery about Cameron Highlands.

I formed this photo gallery mostly for those who are interested especially in panorama photography. You can fairly easily form panoramas like the one above using either full PhotoShop or as here PhotoShop Elements 9 and their advanced Panorama tools. In these panoramas I’ve used from two to twenty individual photos, combined into one panorama.

The individual shots can be from a SLR or a compact camera, the resulting resolution of a panorama when using several shots will be much larger than even the best professional cameras enable. I have reduced resolution radially due to the limits of my website software allowing max. 2 Mb for each shot. As an example, the above panorama from central Macau has a resolution of roughly 14.000 times 3.000 pixels resulting into file in PhotoShop format in execess of 200 Mb and about 10 Mb in compressed JPG. For those interested, these photos are taken mostly with my Canon EOS 7D SLR and using either 18 mm or 50 mm objectives, but some are shot with Canon SX-200 Powershot which is usually my easier to carry backup on trips like this.

The smallest panorama in this series is the last one avout Hindu gods at Penang Hill, a result of only two shots. The reason for taking this in two different shots is the fact that my 18 mm lens could not fit the statue and the beautiful tree in the back. On the other end the panorama of Twin Towers during nighttime is a combination of about 20 shots and required about two days to conclude since it was a bit difficult to take well aligned separate shots so close to the towers (just across the street) in freehand. For best results you really should use a tripod!

If you are interested in these panoramas or techniques used for them, contact me!

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