Pictures of the Day 21th July 2012: picking flowers and relaxing at River Vantaa


Flower field in Haltiala, Helsinki for citizens to pick!

I took a bike trip at Saturday evening on 21st July 2012 into Helinki’s Central Park and from there to Haltiala estate fields via River Vantaa Ruutti Rapids. For the first time ever City of Helsinki has planted a field full of different types of flowers for the citizens to freely pick. We picked different varieties and sizes of flowers to fill three vases at home. What a great idea, Helsinki!


Pond of Ruutti Rapids in River Vantaa with evening Sun lighting the clouds.

It was hard to pick the right photo to reflect just this time, so there are two in this Post. Before the flower field we stopped by River Vantaa’s Ruutti Rapids which flow by city-owned Haltiala estates fields. The spot is really green and pieceful, especially in the evening Sun, lighting up the clouds.

For those interested in photography a small tip: the attached picture of the river pond has been made using the picture dynamic range expanding HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique, this time combining only two separate shots made with a different setting: one with the darker ground and the other with the ligth clouds. This requires some software, in this case Photomatix Pro, using Canon’s SX200 camera. I took another shot with this technique from the raising thunderstorm cloudes over Haltiala fields and downloaded it into another photo gallery about Helsinki at Summer which you and see clicking  here.

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